1 simple actionable technique to succeed even when life sucks

The life changing power of consciously guiding your emotions

Being happy is your choice and only yours. Being in a good mood and positive is a conscious decision which lies in your hands. No one else decides how you feel but you. You decide whether today is going to be awesome or going to suck. No one else and also no circumstances around you. Even if you keep blaming others. You are the only creator of your happiness.

Well, easily said in theory … Believe me, I know this just too well myself. I’m sure you know these days. They all start with a beautiful morning, you are nothing but positive, highly motivated, ready to conquer anything when suddenly life strikes. At once all these stupid little things decide to go wrong: breakfast burnt, traffic jam, late for work, money left at home … This day must be jinxed!

My first instinct tells me to break up immediately. Sorry „today“ but this relationship does no longer work for me. You are not going to turn around I’ve already lost you. I’m ready to quit and start a new one instead.

You are in charge!

Ok, let me stop you right there! It’s not as dramatic as it seems. Remember, you are in charge! Meaning, you can get rid of these sabotaging thoughts as quickly as they showed up. Think about it, it makes absolutely no sense at all to focus your energy on holding on to negative feelings from your past. Right, your past. These unfortunate series of events are in the past. You have no influence on them. You can not change them.

Do yourself a favor and let go! Let go of all the negative energy and angry thoughts. They do not serve you. They don’t let you grow. They slow you down. They keep you trapped.

Where your attention goes your energy will follow

Here’s the clue! What you indeed are able to influence in that moment are your thoughts and emotions. Move your focus and energy towards all the beautiful things you already have in your life.

Think about your friends and family, accomplishments that make you proud, experiences and encounters that let you grow, you can focus on anything you cherish … Think about the miracles this day still holds, the happiness you’ll feel, the love you’ll experience.

Allow yourself a minute for this exercise and take a deep breath. If a negative thought should come up acknowledge it without judgement and then let it gently drift away. Only focus on happy feelings.

This technique is quite simple but very powerful. All you need to do is not to surrender the flood of negative thoughts coming right at you. Instead make the conscious decision to shift your energy and mind towards the beautiful things in your life.

When my day goes all wrong, I tell myself “stop brain” and then I think about all the positive things I have in life. I actively focus my attention and think about my partner, my parents, my sibligns, my friends, … I focus on all the things which are positive and amazing in my life at the moment and how grateful I am. And soon enough, the gloomy mood starts to shift.

As with all new things, this technique may require some practice until you master it, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Being happy is an attitude and a lifestyle. The more you practice the better you’ll get.

That’s why I ask you to consciously chose to be happy today. You’ll love it. Promise 🙂 Move your focus to all the beautiful things in your life. Give this day a big smile and remind yourself even in tricky situations how beautiful life is.